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Some mysteries never fade




From 7 to 11 pm

Bar & Snacks

From 6pm to 1 am

Picture this: cocktails, snacks & small plates; dancing and revealing with your cohorts in a quirky, creative, and vibrant setting.

Looking out at the city from above in a surprising hideout. If you peek behind the curtain, you just might end up chasing Alice down the rabbit hole in a wonderland of great food, great drinks and matching company.

Looking for an amazing spot, with an amazing view and menu for your guests?

We have the best options for you!
We accept groups with a minimum of 8 people and maximum of 65.

If you are interested please contact us to

Rua de São Pedro de Alcântara 83,
1250-238 Lisboa

The Independente Collective is a creative hospitality group, focused on creating unique and authentic experiences for travellers and locals alike. Looking to bring back one of Portugal’s finest traditions – hospitality – the group has a collection of properties defined by their singularity and originality. In them, visitors can find not only a place to sleep and eat but also a place meet other like-minded travellers, share stories and experiences, and experience the local life.